The Commons is a fourth place and social movement for us to deeply explore ourselves and the world, together. 

We believe that the start of all deep transformation – inner or outer – begins with an impulse to pause and go deep, an earnest willingness to question the status quo, and the courage to follow our inner-truth. 

As a place of pause between stimulus and response, we enable individuals to meaning-make, explore “questions of ultimate concern”, shed old paradigms, and actualize new ones all within a rich community fabric.

We bring this to life by designing havens to discover, heal, expand, and actualize; bringing together world-class practitioners and community-created programming to push the boundaries of our self and collective understanding, and inspiring new forms of connection. 

Our mission is to create the conditions by which each of us can come alive into our fullest potential, believing that the collective benefits when we are fully expressed in our unique purpose and gifts.

What is a fourth place?

If 1st place is home, 2nd place is work, 3rd places are public spaces like parks, cafes, bars, etc., then a 4th place is:

A physical space that facilitates meaning-making through intentional programming and pluralistic discussion, where individuals explore questions of ultimate concern without seeking conclusive answers. It honors the authenticity and uniqueness of each person's path while fostering deeper bonds through consistent encounters in a supportive holding environment.

A place where plurality is not only the common denominator, but sense-making our unique paths, alongside others, is the predominant activity. It is a place to ask and answer deep, fundamental questions about the world, the self, and society, within a strong community fabric.

If you're an aspiring fourth place builder or interested in the concept. Join us for quarterly salons: 

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Our Values

A home for the curious, kind, agentic, & earnest.

🔍 Holistic Curiosity We’re curious about the whole spectrum of experience – from the emotional and spiritual, to the technical and rational. Alignment of our mind, heart, and intuition enables us to embody our individual values at the fullest level possible.

Connie Li

🤸 Kindness As our growth edges present uncertainty and pain, we approach them with heartful care and loving kindness. When we do this with ourselves, we’re able to do the same with others.

Ian Eisenberg

🙌 Playful Agency
The weirder and more authentically you, the better. We celebrate a plurality of expression. Whether you're a butterfly who sparkles within traditional systems or a moth creating your own playbook on the fringes - you navigate the world in a way that is deeply authentic to you and playful.

Kylie Yorke

🌱 Abundance Mindset We see the limitless potential in life and play infinite games for the purpose of continuing the play, as opposed to winning. In seeing others' success as our own, we operate in a universe abundant with opportunity and positive sum interactions.

Jacob Brawer

✨ Earnestness We give a shit. About improving ourselves, community, and the world. In fully understanding and embodying our values, we earnestly action on our visions for a better world, without attaching or identiyfing ourselves with the outcome.