Why we're building The Commons

In America, studies suggests that we’ve lost half of the casual gathering places, or “third spaces”, that existed at midcentury.

The decline of these spaces has in turn led to a decline of spaces for civic discourse, informal forms of mutual support, and other bedrocks of social trust.

The Commons is our antidote against these larger forces.

We seek to build a physical space that nourishes curiosity towards our inner and outer worlds. A place where connection to self & others through mind & body catalyzes personal and communal transformation.
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Our vision is a community space where play, curiosity, and creativity define the culture and bring together a community invested in collective flourishing.

🔍 Holistic Curiosity

We’re curious about the whole spectrum of experience – from the emotional and spiritual, to the technical and rational. Alignment of our mind, heart, and intuition enables us to embody our individual values at the fullest level possible.

🤸 Kindness & Playfulness

As our growth edges present uncertainty and pain, we approach them with heartful care and loving kindness. When we do this with ourselves, we’re able to do the same with others.

🙌 Authentic Agency

The weirder and more authentically you, the better. We celebrate a plurality of expression. Whether you're a butterfly who sparkles within traditional systems or a moth creating your own playbook on the fringes - you navigate the world in a way that is deeply authentic to you.

🌱 Abundance Mindset

We see the limitless potential in life and play infinite games for the purpose of continuing the play, as opposed to winning. In seeing others' success as our own, we operate in a universe abundant with opportunity and positive sum interactions.

✨ Earnestness

We give a shit. About improving ourselves, community, and the world. In fully understanding and embodying our values, we earnestly action on our visions for a better world, without attaching or identiyfing ourselves with the outcome.

Who's behind it

Patricia mou

Passionate about building digital and physical spaces to help people cultivate pause between stimulus and response.

Adi Melamed

Loves nurturing communities and experience that rekindle a sense of abundance, curiosity, and play in our selves and the world.


550 & 540 Laguna St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Opening early Fall 2022

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