Welcome to

The Commons

A community and third space dedicated to open-ended curiosity, co-created play, & collective flourishing in the heart of San Francisco.

About The Commons

The Commons is your “home outside of home”

A community living room, study space, meditation studio, and lounge to serendipitously connect with others earnestly exploring their curiosities and ideas of collective flourishing.

We co-host events with our community, exploring curiosities through discussion, art, spirituality, and technology.

We're a member-backed space with a tight-knit community, while supporting public hours and events for a broader SF community.

Explore The Space


Channel your inner Sarte and Beauvoir, as you sip on coffee & tea atop marble bistro tables


Attend live music, book tours, fireside chats, philosophy salons, and more

astrology & wABI sabi LOUNGEs

Curl under twinkling Moroccan lights or rake a zen garden in our wabi-sabi retreat


Your second living room features cozy reading chairs surrounded by hundreds of books and plant spirits

"HOGWARTS" Study hall

Be a lifetime curious-prenuer at our underground Oxford-style study hall

Yoga + meditation STUDIO

Connect deeply with your mind, body and soul amidst the hustle and bustle

Our Vision

Our vision is a build a community space where play, curiosity, and creativity define the culture, bringing together a community invested in collective flourishing.

Our Events


Juntos • Salons • Book Clubs • Dharma Talks • Fireside Chats • Essay Clubs • Unconferences


Writing Clubs • Music Jams • Art Classes • Dance • Contact Improv • Art Galleries • Live Music


ML Reading Club • AI Meetups • Tools for Thought Experiments • Founder Circles • Metascience Essay Clubs • Math Reading Groups


Dinner Pop ups • Community Meetups  • Neighborhood Socials  • Zine Launches

Conscious Play

Maker Nights • Game Nights • Slumber Parties • Community Led Rituals

Contemplative Reflections

Meditation • Yoga • Somatics • Secular Church • Heart Circles • Retreats


550 & 540 Laguna St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

member hours: wed-sun 10am-10pm
open to the public: friday 10am-10pm

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